Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Perfect Picnic Dress

     A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make myself some new clothes. (Side note, I often have different, random ideas and then I'm like, "I SHOULD DO THAT!" and sometimes... it actually happens.) Anyway, I created this picture in my head of the perfect summer dress: Kind of 1950's style (think ModCloth) with a swingy skirt and high cut in the front and the back (who wants to be worrying about the front of their dress gaping open when they are running around playing volleyball or going on long walks in the woods or whatever it may be?). I wanted a dress perfect for picnics, work, church, gardening... Basically I wanted a dress to live in for the summer.

And then... I found my new favorite pattern of all time: Simplicity 2444

     The funny thing about this pattern is the actual dresses that are created from it look nothing like the cover of the envelope.... They are a million times better! I don't think I would have even picked this pattern up if I hadn't been google searching dresses with my mom and stumbled across someone's creation from the pattern, because the cover doesn't look like what I had envisioned.

HOWEVER, the proof is in the pudding! Here are some dresses that I found that made me think this pattern was/is perfait!!!!

1. via What I Wore
5. via Kollabora
6. via Sylkotwist

     You can make quite a few different styles of dress from this one pattern. I think that's the idea behind the whole "Project Runway" thing... you can use the included pattern pieces to kind of design your own dress. I, however, happened to really like the very basic version of the dress. I'm making a short-sleeved version right now, but I'm also thinking of making a sleeveless version as well. 

     The hardest part so far was figuring out what size I should make, and how much fabric I needed. The fabric cutter lady at Joanns stared at the back of the envelope for quite a while before deciding how much fabric I needed, lol. 

    However, besides that, it has been a pretty painless dress making process. I have never actually made a dress start to finish before... I've altered clothes and I've made other projects but never an actual dress. I was able to get a bulk of the sewing done a few days ago in a four hour sewing session. All that's left is the zipper (that's the part I'm scared about...) and finishing up the hem/sleeves/neckline. 

     I am so excited with how mine is turning out, and I want to make more after this one!! If you want an easy-to-make dress for spring or summer, then I would suggest you go out and buy this immediately. Seriously. 
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