Thursday, February 27, 2014

Show me them pearly whites!

I was talking recently with a friend about teeth whitening. Yeah, we talk about stuff like that...but in all fairness, the entire conversation was about getting to the gym, re-vamping our wardrobes, and just generally giving our A-game, so it applies.

Anywho, in talking about teeth whitening, my friend mentioned that she really wanted to try it, but didn't want to spend the money on whitening strips, which is totally understandable. Those puppies are like $30!!! And for a college student at a minimum wage job that just isn't going to happen. But I told her "No! It doesn't have to be that expensive! Here, let me impart words of wisdom onto you!" Actually, I didn't say that...I thought of it after she I'm posting it now in hopes she'll read it, and for anyone else who thought that white teeth were out of your financial reach! Because they're not, just so you know.

I'm actually going to post a video made by the wonderful Kandee Johnson instead of writing a long blog post, because she's actually how I found out about this system, and she'll probably explain it better anyway. Then, after the video, I'll add a little tid-bit about what I learned as a first time user and teeth-whitener in general, so you don't have to find this out for yourself! Aren't I nice?

O.K. So now that you know all this good stuff, here's the stuff she didn't mention in her video:

-Make sure you get the CHILD SIZE mouth guards. Those ones are 97 cents. the adult sizes are like $8. Big difference. If you can't find them. Ask. At my Wal-Mart, the child size was not with the adult size.

-You could buy that whole whitening system, and it will only cost about $10. The box comes with the whitening gel and then a mouth wash. OR, you could just buy the tube of gel for like $4, and buy a ginormous bottle of regular mouth wash, because they're basically the same thing. Plus the mouth wash that came in the box was tiny, and I ran out of it WAAAAY before the gel.

-Kandee has been whitening her teeth since she was 16, so she only has to do 5 minute touch-ups once a month. I had never whitened my teeth before in my life, and my childhood was not abound with a track record for taking care of my teeth. SO, I had a little more to work through then Kandee does. If you're like me, I would suggest starting with 15 minutes twice a week, until you start seeing results. Then cut back to 10-15 minutes once a week, then 10 minutes every two weeks, you get the idea. Then, when you have your teeth looking the way you want. Do what she does, and just do a 5-10 minute touch-up as needed.

Now go out there with your new pearly whites and smile, darn ya', smile!

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