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On Feb. 12th, 1973 : As part of the Vietnam cease-fire agreement, the first U.S. prisoners of war were released by North Vietnam. Oh and I was born. About 21 years later I was born-again but that is a story for another day.

I have 5 kids and used to be a freaky homeschool mom. Now that this form of education is more mainstream and accepted, I am still a freaky homeschool mom. At this point I have homeschooled all grade levels having successfully graduated my oldest last year and helped her navigate into a secular college environment on a full scholarship. Of course once I saw how awesome college was, I decided to sign up too, so now we are both full time college students.

And if my life wasn't already busy enough, I decided to start this blog with two fantastic young ladies so that I can share with all of you all the ridiculous amounts of interests that I have. Things like….

  • homeschooling (you probably already figured that one out) 
  • my life goals & how I am working towards achieving them 
  • sewing, cooking & managing a home as a single mom
  • educational movie production (It's what I'm going to school for)
  • health and fitness nature study & environmentalism (took a great class on this)
  • and whatever else strikes my fancy!

When you visit BarnWood Girls, I want you to be inspired by an idea, find the solution to your problem or think, "I want to try that!" I hope you'll stick with us and I look forward to many posts to come! -Michelle

I live in the 4th largest city in my state in the midst of approximately 300,000 people, but long for a life in the country surrounded by a huge farmhouse with a couple of wooded acres and a creek enjoying God's wonderful creation. Someday, I plan to acquire some chickens, a handsome husband, 9 children, and a detached art studio.

I love to dabble in writing and art and hope to make that a career. I also love children's books and history and hope to one day write and illustrate my own book.

I am currently a University student working to get a bachelor's degree in English (Creative Writing) with a minor in Art (although there's a good chance that could change to a dual English and Art major at any second...).

When I'm not at school, I am usually either at work at a local flower shop, or hanging out with my family and friends. I love trying new things, especially if they have to do with the arts (singing, sewing, painting, swing dancing...) or history. My interests range from french music, bollywood dance, Russian and Scandinavian art. My life is a little bit of everything, and more than I could possibly list here, so I look forward to sharing it with you. -Allison

My name is Erin, and I’m a 20 year old college student living in Ohio. I’m a Homeschool graduate, a singer, a writer, a dancer, a crafter, an artist, actor, movie-maker, and the youngest of five. But most importantly, I am the daughter of God.

I love everything vintage or just comfortably old. I love thrift shops and antique stores, and just making my style my own. My music taste is kind of all over the place. Basically if I can sing and dance to it, I listen to it. My current ipod playlist consists of everything from Big Band to Florida Georgia Line, Show tunes to Hard Rock.

I’m super excited to embark on this blogging journey with you all, and I look forward to discovering what God is going to do with this blog.

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