Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Save space:Organizing your dresser drawers

So you've been on this cleaning/organizing kick(The weather's reenacting "Frozen", what ELSE is there to do?!) and your room(or house, if you're an over achiever) is looking pretty fantastic, if you do say so yourself. *insert a nonchalant rubbing of the nails on your shirt* But you get to your closet and you're just stumped. Like you've been standing there staring at it for 20 minutes and.....nothing.

I definitely had this problem not too long ago. I have always had this thing about closet doors. When I was little I was convinced that if my closet had doors, then obviously, the monsters would be able to hide in there and come out to get me when my parents were conveniently sound asleep. Even to this day sleeping in a room with closed closet doors is very unsettling to me. I no longer believe monsters are out to get me, but the feeling of dislike and uneasiness just never went away....so, I don't have doors on my closet.

Because I my closet doesn't have doors, I have had to revert to other ways of hiding my clothes. When I was little, it was butterfly bead curtains....loved those things. But as I got older and the hot pink butterfly beads just got WAAAY too lame for my oh so sophisticated 14 year-old self(yeah, no) I had to think of yet OTHER ways to hide my crap....I mean, totally neat, spotless, clothing collection. :)

My biggest problem is this. I am a selective neat freak.(You learned about my childhood fears AND my strange lifestyle habits. I guess today is sharing day.) By selective I mean this. untidiness makes me itch....but I'm not gonna clean it! So basically, my room is like always spotless, because I have, through much trial and error, learned to pick up as I go, because if I let it slide for too long, I'm gonna forget what my floor looks like and "Hoarders" is gonna have to come in and do an intervention on me. Basically.

Long story......still really long(sorry!) I just got really tired of looking at all my clothes all the time. No matter how I hung them(at one point they were hung long to short!) the whole thing just looked...messy. So I came up with this genius idea to put a dresser in my closet and make a little "get ready" station with mirrors and baskets for my perfumes and curling irons!(actually, I got the idea from a display at IKEA, but who's counting, right?) I went out an bought myself a super dope dresser with the really nice glide-y drawers that don't slam when you close them, and stuck that baby in my closet. All by myself. I was very proud.

But then the hard part came. Namely, getting all my stuff in those drawers, which, FYI, always look like they can hold more at the store then they do when faced with a bed full of shirts I totally forgot I even had! and that's where I get to the "How-To" part of this really long-winded story, because I KNOW you've all gone through something like this in your life, and wondered HOW it was all going to fit!

Well, to answer that question, it might not all fit. Switching to a dresser is a perfect time to go through all your clothes and get rid of some stuff. I'm talking, stuff that doesn't fit(and can't be fixed, a.k.a. taken in or out), stuff you don't like/wear anymore. Those jammy pants that are just too ratty to technically be called "pants" anymore.....hypothetically.

Once you've rid yourself of that burden, I'm sure you'll find it much easier to squeeze everything in. But, if it's still a tight fit, or even if you just want to be able to find all your clothes without having to dig through piles, I suggest this next little tip(thank you pinterest!). Rolling. Aw yeah. If you do it right, and fold your clothes right(ie nicely, without any wrinkles in it. Don't get lazy!) your clothes will stay wrinkly. Like my mom says, "If they don't go in with wrinkles, chances are they won't come out with them, either."

And this doesn't just work for clothes either. With all that extra space, you could fit your scarves, belts, even jewelry in your dresser drawers and save even more space that way! Plus, It just decreases the over all "cluttered" look of your space. Just add little containers or spacers so nothing rolls around and gets lost. It'll look super cute...and how awesome would that be to only have to go to one place to get your whole outfit together?!

Another bonus tip for you lovely readers: This tip works with packing for trips too. Say goodbye to the multiple suitcase weekend trip! You're welcome.
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