Friday, January 24, 2014

Creative Gift Idea

With Christmas in the recent past, you're probably wondering why on earth I would want to talk about a gift idea. Believe me, I understand the thought of Christmas and gift-giving right now probably has you reeling. As my mom said just the other day, "I hate Christmas except on Christmas".

But there are plenty of other times when you might need a great and easy gift... Graduations, Birthdays, Valentine's Day.... So it's always a good idea to have some gift ideas in the back of your head for when the moment arises. I'm not making this right now, but I have some ideas for the near future. As my dad would say, "The creative juices are flowing."

Here's the picture:

It's a memory photo frame for an Eagle Scout ceremony gift. I was wandering around pinterest looking for something else, and happened to stumble across this... What struck me was not the actual design because honestly, I think it's a little tacky. But what I really got inspired by were the cards on the sides with the badges. I saw those and I thought, "That is so personal and cool that they added a piece of something that is important to an Eagle Scout," and that got me to thinking, "You know, that looks like a scrapbook page in a way, except it's displayable!"

And the the gears started whirring.

Now, if I were to make one of these I wouldn't want to have overly bulky elements on the front, like the tags they have on the silver rings. But what if you took those and decoupaged them on? Or you could add a flat pocket to the front for little memories. Maybe one made out of see-through tracing paper with something special inside: Confetti from a party, a lock of a baby's hair from their first haircut,

Think how many cool events and occasions you could customize this for! There is a whole slew of scrapbooking tools, stickers, papers, and inspiration out there for basically every occasion under the sun. Just google them. Scrapbookers and their tools are all over the place! You probably even know a couple who could help you out with your frame. ;)

So inspiration for the day: Make someone you love a "Scrapbook Layout Picture Frame". (And if you do, post a picture on our facebook page. I really want someone to do this! And when I do it I'll post a picture as well!)
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