Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I need a vacation.

So here in Ohio we've been experiencing some pretty gnarly weather....for like a month. Seriously, the weather man is comparing this year to the blizzard of '78.

I really like snow....well, I don't mind it. Hey, I live in Ohio, I lost right to complain about bad weather, but this is getting ridicules. Last month I got snowed into my house for like five days. I got so much homework done you wouldn't believe it! When the weather fist started turning bad I was actually kind of glad! I knew I was going to be able to spend some quality time at home, doing all the things I had put off because of "more important" things that kept coming up. The first several days of our first snowstorm I was perfectly content at home. I got all caught up on my homework, I cleaned/re-arranged my room, and I tried some new hairstyles I'd found on youtube. It was great!

But then I got the opportunity to go for a job interview, and I was sooooo excited! This job was literally an answer to prayer! I'd been out of a job for several months and I was starting to stress out major. I got all ready for my interview and I looked fabulous, I might add ;) But that was the first day of our second blizzard....which meant my interview got pushed back almost a week! And because I was already a nervous wreck slowly convincing myself that if I didn't get a job soon I'd have no choice but to drop out of college and get a job working the drive-thru at McDonalds where I would soon loose my friends and my reputation....the snow was already getting to me, in case you can't tell.

Anywho, I finally got shoveled out and had my interview and got that job. Now I have a steady, well-paying job, and I couldn't be more grateful! But we have since had like two more mini-blizzards since then, and because my job requires people to actually come in and give us business, I have been call off work as often as I've gone in. Normally I'd be like "YAY! Day off! Time to spend my hard-earned money. Mall, here I come!!!!!!" But when one gets called off work because of bad weather, one cannot leave the house because nothing else is open because the city has established a level three emergency where one would get arrested if one were to try to go anywhere. So guess what I got to do on all my days off! Homework. Yippy skippy.

I am so blessed to have my job, and I thank God like every five seconds, but I work every day except Wednesdays(which I have off because of a school study group) and Sundays. I went from too much time on my hands to no time at all, and I'm still trying to get a hang of the whole doing school and work in the same day thing. I finally feel like I'm getting in a groove, which makes me very happy. I was getting pretty frustrated about going days without doing my homework because I ran out of hours in my day. My only problem with that is, until this becomes habit, I get freaking exhausted running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I'm starting to think I'm suffering from what is commonly known as cabin fever. Translation: I need a vacation. A vacation from winter and full schedules....and that was totally a rant that had nothing to do with anything. Sorry.

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