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University, Take Two (Spring Semester)

Yesterday started my first "week" back to school after Christmas break... I say "week" in quotations because most of the classes were cancelled due to the relentless blizzards and level 3 snow emergencies that began Sunday and kept us put until we could finally dig ourselves out Wednesday. So my week of school was really only Thursday and my one class today (Friday).

Thursday was an interesting day, that's for sure... It all started out when I had to go to the eye doctor for a check up at 8:00 AM. My first class of the day started at 9:30, but we were informed this would just be a half hour appointment. Anyway.... after having my eyes checked and rechecked and being informed I'm a little near sighted but don't need glasses, I began to think, "This feels like it's been longer than a half hour..." As I was thinking this, the eye doctor dripped some yellow eye drops in my eyes which basically numbed them so she could check for glaucoma.

Previously, I thought Glaucoma was more of an issue back on the ships during the Victorian age, but if I looked like I might have it, who was I to prevent her from checking? Luckily, I am Glaucoma-free. I thought I might be able to get out of there at that point, until she put some pupal dilating drops in my eyes, and told me they would have to sit for about 15 minutes before she could look in my eye to check all the stuff in there. I was led to the waiting room, and left alone. I looked at my phone (which was beginning to blur due to the dilation of my pupils) and realized... I had to be at school in a half hour...

Well, after she checked my eyes one last time I was finally able to make a break for the door. At this point I had fifteen minutes to get to class which probably would have been doable, except I had borrowed mom's van to drive to the appointment because my car was being preserved Captain America style, covered in a sheet of ice deep inside a snow mountain in our driveway. She needed her car because she also goes to college and we are in the same first class on Thursdays. (and yes, I'm ok with that and actually think it's really awesome. ;) )

So, I had to drive back to get her, all the while my pupils were continuing to dilate, and the sun was bouncing right of the mounds of snow that have completely engulfed our entire city into my huge eyes... I finally got home, got my mom, we dug my car out, drove to class, found parking spots (which is SO hard to do the first couple weeks of class because people actually come to school right now... ), and walked as quickly as we could over the slush that is everywhere to class.

Unfortunately, however, my pupils continued to dilate as the day went on until they were about as big as my irises, so I looked like I was on drugs or something. That coupled with the fact that it was fah-reezing outside so I was a little shaky from coming in out of the cold at the beginning of my classes just added to the overall sketchy-ness of the look I had going on. Good times, good times.

So that was my morning the first day back... After that whole fiasco, my first three classes of the day went pretty well, actually. It was a nice, relaxing syllabus day... Most got out crazy early so I had a chance to eat a salad and a HUGE caramel slathered brownie in between two of my classes, and I was able to find them all pretty well, too.

This semester I have a pretty interesting line-up of classes. Some of them I'm really excited about, and some of them I'm just doing because they're required. That's kind of my strategy... sneak in some less desirable classes with the fun ones so I'm not stuck with choosing between a semester of completely awful classes at the end or graduating with a non-degree because I chose to never take a math class.

What Every College Student Group Poster Looks Like in a Secular College

Here's my list of classes and my thoughts of them so far!

1.) (Monday and Wednesday) Perceptual Drawing - I am in this class with my mom. I am so so so excited for this class... unfortunately I didn't actually get to try it out at all this week because Monday it was cancelled due to weather, and then Wednesday we got to the class and were met with a sign on the door saying it was cancelled again due to the instructor being sick. I hope she gets well soon because this class looks so fun! I peeked through a hole in the blind on the door into the classroom and I saw huge windows all around, a bunch of plaster statues of people, easels, and chairs all lined up in rows... It looks so inviting and artistic and I am absolutely dying to get in there and just...just...draw something!

2.) (Tuesday and Thursday) Sociology  - I also do this one with my mom. I'm not sure what to think of this class yet. There are about a hundred students in it. Unfortunately, I got there late for the first day because I had an eye doctor appointment than went wayyy over time that morning... but anyway... This class is either going to be really interesting or really, really boring. When the Professor was talking about the syllabus at first, he sounded like he was reading everything, all monotone. But then he asked every person their name and major (did I mention there are a hundred students in this class??), which actually was kinda cool just because he became a pretty conversational guy. So maybe he will be interesting after all... I guess I'll just have to wait and see! It's kind of weird, though, because I cannot figure out how old he is. At first I thought he was old, then I thought he was young, then I thought he was old again... it's just really hard to tell for some reason.

Side note from Allison's college student mom - I was slightly freaking out when the professor announce he was going to have us each talk in class. I KNOW it is a bit weird that I am going to college at the exact same time as my daughter, AND taking a few classes with her, I swear it is completely about my career goals and not an attachment issue!!! OF COURSE our first college class together our professor would decide to go around the whole room and announce our full names in alphabetic order. There will be no sliding by discretely now! Slight panic sets in as we go through A… B… C…, K…, L…M… then "P". Since my daughter's name starts with an "A", I know she'll be first and I'll be left to "explain things"… I had written down my career goals so I wouldn't flub it up but it didn't matter, I flubbed it up when everyone in the whole room turns around after the professor announces, hmm same long unpronounceable name… Do you know each other? The rest was witty history and I'm sure we were conversation starters for more than few get togethers. The mother who couldn't let her daughter go to college by herself… ay yay yay

3.) (Tuesday through Friday) French II - French I was the bane of my existence first semester but I have to keep taking it, so I thought I might as well just get out there and get it done. Well, my professor this semester is so cool! He is hilarious, and despite the fact that he teaches predominantly in french (my last professor mostly taught in English) he is much easier to follow! Also, there are only five students (including me) in the class, so it's a super comfortable class... I am really loving it!

4. (Tuesday and Thursday) Media Writing - This class is already off to a fun start. Throughout the semester we each have to investigate, interview, and write four news articles on any sort of current (local) news topic! I haven't decided what my first story will be, yet, but I know I want to interview my friends for something. The professor used to be a journalist herself, and she seems to have a lot of knowledge. She's very very strict about deadlines though, because she says that if you worked for a newspaper and your story wasn't in by the time it goes to print, you're out of the job. Fair enough.

5. (Online) Math - I haven't done anything with this yet but... I'm scared. Also, the text book was like $300.

Soooo that's pretty much the summary of spring semester, freshman year for me. Here's to a great rest-of-the-year, and an even better summer vacation! ;)

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