Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Resolutions? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That....

So here we are again. The start of a New Year. Amidst the glitter throwing and the parties and the sparkling juice and the ball dropping in Times Square, there is a little tradition that most people participate in: making New Year's Resolutions. We approach the New Year with great ambitions and noble goals, such as, "I WILL exercise and get buff this year! I WILL NOT eat any more sugar! I WILL NOT put off my homework till the night before it's due! I WILL get up at 5:00AM, read my Bible, exercise, and clean the entire house before light even filters through the windows!"

But roughly around the same time that the bloaty-ness from eating one to many BBQ meatballs wears off and the bags under our eyes from staying up till 2:00 AM New Year's Eve fade, the motivation is already lost and the goals are long forgotten.

Well, this year, I really want it to be different. I was thinking, "How can I make this different? How can I insure the goals I've created aren't totally forgotten as soon as the pen leaves the paper?" 

After deliberating for many, many minutes over this question, I came up with only one solution:

Don't write any New Year's Resolutions. 

I personally think it's pretty genius.

....Ok, ok, so saying I didn't write New Year's Resolutions isn't completely true... BUT! It is a fact that ain't nobody got time for "New Years Resolutions". So what I've decided to do is not a list of New Years Resolution. It is really a list of things I've been dreaming about for awhile now, and the New Year just so happened to coincide with my plan of writing them down. So no, these are not New Years Resolutions. This is a list of long-thought-out stuff I want to do with my life in the near future. As in, within the year 2014.

Here's my list:

1. Read the Bible More - Ok, so I actually used this as an example in the first paragraph as a regular New Years Resolution. The difference between that example and this is that I'm not getting up at 5:00 AM to do it. ;) All joking aside, however, this one is first because it's the most important. Any time I haven't read the Bible in awhile, I do something or react in some way that makes me go, "Oh look, there's that the person Jesus died to save me from. Myself." and that's not a pretty sight. Life doesn't work without Jesus. I don't function properly without the Bible. That pretty much sums it up!

2.  Start an Etsy Shop - I'm hoping to get this started soon! This is one of those things where I'm fighting against the part of me that goes, "Ya, that will never be successful. You might as well not even try." But I know for sure I won't be successful if I never even try so I might as well risk it!

3. Learn Archery - I'm getting a bow and arrow in a couple of months here, and I'm really hoping to develop a new hobby! Think how awesome that would be... launching arrows at targets! Hitting the bulls eye! Really, it sounds so fun! Maybe someday I'll even try hunting with my bow... well, as long as I have a guy there who is willing to drag whatever I shoot back to the truck because... I'm not doing that. I'm also not skinning anything... and I don't eat wild game... Ok never mind. I'm not going to be a hunter. But I am going to learn archery! and it will be awesome! (and yes, I love Hunger Games. So, shh.)

4. Get at Least a 3.7 GPA in College - I start my second semester of freshman year this week, and I've officially made it my goal to get at least a 3.7 GPA. Why that number, you may ask? Well, because you need a 3.7 GPA to get into medical school or law school. Despite the fact that I have no intention of entering either, I like to keep my options open. Plus the way I see it if I'm getting the same GPA as a lawyer or a doctor I'm doing ok. :)

5. Get In Major Shape - Another cliche' goal, but I'm young, and a healthy weight, so I think it is a good idea get into shape now while it's still fairly easy to do so! Plus, I want to get these habits developed so they're there. Apparently life doesn't get any less hectic after college... heh.

6. Stay Good - That sounds silly but basically it's an all-encompassing goal which pretty much includes just doing what needs to be done.

7. Get Scholarships - I got enough scholarships last semester to cover this year, but a couple of them expire after a year, so I have to reapply. It's mildly annoying, but it's really nothing when you think about how many YEARS of my life would be spent trying to pay off student loan bills... You know, come to think of it, it's not annoying at all.

8. Start a Blog - Bada bing, bada boom. 

So, those are my goals. I can imagine my life when they are all complete and I really like what I see. I just need to stay on track and get there! "What about after that happens?" you may ask.

Well, as always, anything is possible.... :)

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