Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Things I Learned This Week

1. That working out actually is ok if you do it enough. It's one of those weird things where the first couple of times you hate it and you cry through the whole thing and you end every workout with consolation cookies, but then the more you do it and the more buff you become the more it becomes mildly tolerable... Well, I'm actually getting past that first part and while I still end every workout with consolation cookies, I am actually starting to enj-- en-... No, I can't say that yet. But it's not... completely terrible.

2. That I actually like red lipstick. I always thought it looked weird on me because my lips were too thin, but after getting some with a makeup pack I bought on major sale, I decided to give it a try and I really like it! There's still the issue of it rubbing off on my teeth, drinks, and the rest of my face giving me that Joker-like effect, but I heard if you set it with some red blush (kind of like using powder on the rest of your face) it won't smear so much, so I might try that.

3. That mom and I really ARE connected like twins! First confirmation of this fact: I was about to bring up a totally random topic (I mean, really random) in the car the other day, but right as I was about to say it mom started talking and telling me a story ABOUT THE EXACT SAME TOPIC. I was like, "WHATTT!?!?" Confirmation number two: Today mom and I went to art class and when we took off our coats, we realized we had worn identical outfits. We have matching sweatshirts and boots, and not only were we both wearing those, but we were also wearing the exact same color and cut of jeans with it. I mean, first day of college art class... not only was I accompanied by my mom, but we were dressed like twins. TWINS, I tell you!!! Awk-ward. But also insanely hilarious.

4. In addition to the above story, I also learned that my sister had noticed we were wearing the same outfit right before we left but for some reason didn't mention it to us....... thanks, girl.

5. That Arrow is the best TV show ever! Well... Ok, I take that back because Call the Midwife is really high up there also but since I've watched all of the episodes of that show on Netflix already, I've been forced to find a new obsession. Arrow. He's an awesome, billionaire super-hero character with a bow and arrow and a drive to bring order and justice to his city!!! He's everything Batman tries to be, basically, except with more actual talent and a personality. Also, he's not afraid of bats... It has comedy, action, romance, mystery, conspiracy, money...everything. Oh, and did I mention insanely attractive characters? eheheheh... :D

6. That it is virtually impossible to explain to someone what a blog is if they don't already know. "It's like... facebook except you write posts instead of statuses and... you put pictures and... people hypothetically read it..."

7. That concerts are awesommee!! I went to a Lady Antebellum concert with my sister, grandma, and boyfriend last Saturday night, and it was a great time! Kip Moore and Kacey Musgraves are also on tour with Lady A, so we got to hear them as well. It turns out that Kip Moore is one of my FAVORITE country singers EVA EVA EVA so hearing him sing... well, let's just say I was screaming in tones I didn't even know I could reach when the blue lights started flashing across the audience and I saw him come out. It was fantastic! We were all on our feet singing, dancing, and clapping the whole time. Lady Antebellum was also really good, and I loved hearing their songs "Compass", and "My Kind of Love". Kacey did an amazing job with her smooth, folky vocals. I was just blown away by the whole experience and had such a fantastic time!
I stole this collage from the concert off my sister's instagram.

8. That sociology is actually not as fun as it sounds. Self explanatory.

9. That drawing two cubes stacked on top of each other in a realistic and proportionate way is actually really really hard. And you can actually work on it for a good hour and forty-five minutes during an art class and still have the angles completely wrong. *sigh.*

10. Basically everything on the picture below. I mean, were you aware that the cast of Grease is basically comprised of all pseudo-highschoolers!? These people were old enough to be through college when they were making that movie!!! Really, I think this is one of the most educational things I read all week. It definitely beats "Intro to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective". It beats it by a lot. a lot, a lot.

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